Author: Sally John

ISBN: 9780736913164
Pages: 348
Description: SUMMARY:
The first release in The Beach House series is the story of four women, friends from childhood, who reuniteto celebrate their fortieth birthdays. After the distance of time and geography, they look forward to the camaraderie of old friends and the escape from everyday life as they stay at a San Diego beach house.
When thoughts and discussion turn to the history of their friendship, will problems of the past threaten to overtake the present?
The quest for understanding, identity, faith, and friendship provides a universal thread inthis tender and charming story from Sally John that will connect with womenfrom all walks of life.

REVIEW: I could totally identify with this novel as I have several BFF’s who, no matter the distance between us, can always pick up right where we left off and are always there to support one another. We keep in touch via Facebook and always room together whenever there is a high school reunion (and our 50th is coming up in June). I loved the fact that the characters were so realistic with their strengths, weaknesses, and struggles with their faith. Julian and Zeke were great assets to the story as sounding boards for the friends as well as faith supporters. My favorite of the four girls was Molly as I struggle too with feeling like I have to do it all and often forget to lean on God and others.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “No, her friend and the stranger were not angels. Just wounded souls like herself in need of a touch from the One who hung on a cross.”
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